Early Pioneer Pictures
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(Females listed by last known married Surname, or maiden if not married)
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  Item# Picture Name Birth-Death (if single photo) Arrival
in Utah
  P00093 Abbott, Jacob Farnum,Abbott, Martha Jane,Adams, George Thomas, Grace McKellar Adams, & son Walter-age 9 years,Adams, George Thomas,Adams, Grace McKellar,Adams, John & Evan Morgan,_return from England-1889
Abbott, Jacob Farnum 1808-1872 1852
  P00576   Abbott, Martha Jane Bickmore 1861-1922 Native
  P00432 Adams, George Thomas 1870-1911 Not Pioneer
  P00411   Adams, George Thomas, Grace McKellar Adams, & son, Walter-age 9 years x
  P00727   Adams, Grace McKellar 1866-1935 Native
  P00525   Adams, John & Morgan, Evan_return from England-1889   x
Adams, John & wife, Sarah Elizabeth Elkington-02a
Adams, John & Sarah Elizabeth Elkington   x
Adams, John & siblings_taken 2 Oct 1889, while on a visit to England after an absince of 35 years
Adams, John & siblings_taken 2 Oct 1889, while on a visit to England after an absence of 35 years x
Adams, John Thomas-child_son of Thomas Edward,Adams, John_Sarah Elizabeth Elkington_Sarah Agnes Adams_Walter Adams-02,Adams, John-bw,Adams, John-colr
Adams, John Thomas-child, son of Thomas Edward 1893-1965 Not Pioneer
  P01362 Adams, John_Sarah Elizabeth Elkington_Sarah Agnes Adams_Walter Adams x
  P00002 Adams, John-b&w 1830-1899 1854
  P00003 Adams, John-color 1830-1899 1854
Adams, John-younger,Adams, Margaret Williams_John's mother-02,Adams, Margaret, dau of Thomas Edward Adams & Mary McKellar Adams-02,Adams, Mary Cecil-child_dau of Thomas Edward,Adams, Mary McKellar_wife of Thomas Edward,Adams, Mary Price Howells-02
Adams, John-younger 1830-1899 1854
  P00526 Adams, Margaret <Williams>_John Adam's mother 1806-1873  
  P00528 Adams, Margaret-child, daughter of Thomas Edward 1892-1983 Not Pioneer
  P00530 Adams, Mary Cecil-child_daughter of Thomas Edward 1895-1979 Not Pioneer
  P00527 Adams, Mary McKellar_wife of Thomas Edward 1869-1926 Native
  P00160 Adams, Mary Price Howells 1833-1924 1857
Adams, Sarah Agnes_with Aunt Polly__
Adams, Sarah Agnes_with Aunt Polly______   x
Adams, Sarah Elizabeth Elkington_1857-1925_age 34-01a,Adams, Sarah LaJette, baby dau of Thomas Edward Adams & Mary McKellar Adams-02,Adams, Walter Isaac_Sarah Agnes Adams Lindholm_youth,Adams, Walter-age 9 years_son of George & Grace
Adams, Sarah Elizabeth Elkington_age 34 1857-1925  
  P00531 Adams, Sarah Lajette-baby_daughter of Thomas Edward 1898-____ Not Pioneer
  P01365 Adams, Walter Isaac_Sarah Agnes Adams Lindholm_youth   x
  P00728 Adams, Walter-age 9 years_son of George & Grace   Not Pioneer
Adamson, Mary Ann Martin
Adamson, Mary Ann Martin 1848-1928 1953
Adamson, Walter Gillespie, son of David Adamson & Jane Gillespie_1843-1905
Adamson, Walter Gillespie 1843-1905 1861
Ajax, Emma Jemima Hughes
Ajax, Emma Jemima Hughes-01
Ajax, Emma Jemima Hughes 1840-1925 1862
Ajax, William
Ajax, William 1832-1899 1862
Anderson, Annie Oakleberry
Anderson, Annie Oakleberry 1852-1914 1862
  P00412   Anderson, B H_possibly Brigham Jefferson Anderson 1885-1949 Not Pioneer
  P00116 Anderson, B H_possibly Brigham Jefferson Anderson_1885-1949,Anderson, Charles L,Anderson, Charles L_George F Richards_Hugh S Gowans
Anderson, Charles L 1846-1909 1862
  P00010   Anderson, Charles L_George F Richards_High S Gowans   x
  P01535   Anderson, Charles L_older-standing view 1846-1909 1862
Anderson, Charles P
Anderson, Charles Pehr 1856-1926 1866
Anderson, Claus
Anderson, Claus 1853-1926 1866
  P01536   Anderson, Ellen    
Anderson, Ellen Caravan House
Anderson, Ellen Caravan House 1856-1922 1859
Anderson, Emily Jennis Hunter
Anderson, Emily Jennis Hunter 1854-1911 Native
  P00743   Anderson, Gustave 1850-1928 1862
  P01537   Anderson, Haltie & Ella    
Anderson, Gustave,Anderson, John C,Anderson, John_blacksmith
Anderson, John C 1836-1912 1862
  P00745 Anderson, John_"Blacksmith" 1817-1902 1863
  P01538   Anderson, Lottie    
Anderson, Maja Stina Olson
Anderson, Maja Stina Olson 1823-1881 1862
Anderson, Maria Kathrina Larson
Anderson, Maria (Maja) Kathrina Larson 1819-1888 1866
Anderson, Martha Irvine Bowen-younger_02
Anderson, Martha Irvine Bowen-older
Anderson, Martha Irvine Bowen (4 pics-older & younger) 1889-1969 Not Pioneer
  P00749 Anderson, Mary Ann Clark
Anderson, Mary Ann Clark 1843-1917 1852
  P01546   Anderson, Oscar Knudson & Anna Charlotte "Lottie" Anderson Anderson    
  P00750 Anderson, Peter
Anderson, Peter (Pehr) Magnus 1820-1887 1868
  P01539   Anderson, Tilda    
Anderson, Andrew Fredrick
Andersson, Andrew Fredrick (Anders) 1833-1895 1862
Anderson, Kajsa
Andersson, Kajsa 1805-1885 1862
  P01406 Angell, Truman O,Arbon, Mary Bell,Atherley, Dan,Atherley, Dan_James Martin_John Martin,Atkin, Annie Maud Tate,Atkin, Edward Maughan_son of Thomas Atkin Jr-01a,Atkin, Emma J_Mrs Grace Bell, (handcart 1915),Atkin, Emma Johnson
Angell, Truman Osborn 1810-1887 1847
  P01156   Arbon, Mary Bell    
  P00012   Atherley, Dan_James Martin_John Martin   x
  P01158   Atherley, Daniel Samuel 1829-1908 1863
  P00245   Atkin, Annie Maud Tate 1887-1971 Not Pioneer
  P00534   Atkin, Edward Maughan_son of Thomas Atkin, Jr-2 different pics 1864-1926 Native
  P00014   Atkin, Emma J_Mrs Grace Bell, (handcart 1915)   x
  P00422   Atkin, Emma Johnson 1863-1925 Native
  P01544   Atkin, Emma Johnson & a child    
Atkin, Mary Ann Maughan_02,Atkin, Mary Ann Maughan_01,Atkin, George_1836-1899
Atkin, Mary Ann Maughan_03
Atkin, George 1836-1899 1849
  P00215 Atkin, Mary Ann Maughan-3 different pictures 1839-1908 1850
Atkin, Mary Morley_wife of Thomas Atkin, Sr_02,Atkin, Sarah Matilda Utley,Atkin, Thomas Maughan_son of Thomas Atkin, Jr-02a,Atkin, Thomas Maughan_son of Thomas Atkin, Jr_03,Atkin, Thomas, Jr & Mary Ann Maughan,Atkin, Thomas, Jr_Family_adults with names,Atkin, Thomas, Jr_Family_adults-1898-1900,Atkin, Thomas, Jr_Family_as children,Atkin, Thomas, Jr_Family_with grandchildren-abt 1892-1895
Atkin, Thomas, Jr_01,Atkin, Thomas, Jr_02_1833-1919,Atkin, Thomas, Jr_03a,Atkin, Thomas, Sr_1804-1888,Atkin, Willard George_son of Thomas Atkin, Jr_01,Atkin, Willard George_son of Thomas Atkin, Jr_02,Atkin, Willard George_son of Thomas Atkin, Jr_03,Atkin, William Franklin_son of Thomas Jr_01,Atkin, William Franklin_son of Thomas Jr_03
  Atkin, Mary Morley_wife of Thomas Atkin, Sr 1800-1882 1849
  P00352   Atkin, Sarah Matilda Utley 1838-1903 1849
  P00537   Atkin, Thomas Maughan_son of Thomas Atkin, Jr (2 pics) 1858-1924 Native
  P00017   Atkin, Thomas, Jr & Mary Ann Maughn   x
  P00589   Atkin, Thomas, Jr_Family as adults with names   x
  P00588   Atkin, Thomas, Jr_Family picture with small children   x
  P00590   Atkin, Thomas, Jr_Family with grandchildren-abt 1892-1895 1892-1895 x
  P00538   Atkin, Thomas, Jr_Family-about 1898-1900 1898-1900 x
  P00016   Atkin, Thomas, Jr-3 different pictures 1833-1919 1848
  P00591   Atkin, Thomas, Sr 1804-1888 1849
  P00540   Atkin, Willard George_son of Thomas Atkin, Jr (3 different pictures) 1875-1938 Not Pioneer
  P00535   Atkin, William Franklin_son of Thomas Atkin, Jr (2 different pictures) 1878-1966 Not Pioneer
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Bagley, Emanuel,Bailey, Charles Westlake,Bailey, Mary Hulda Barrus,Banks, Ann Holmes 3,Banks, John_1809-1876,Barber, Jesse,Barraclough, Ida Lee_01,Barrus, Benjamin Franklin,Barrus, Ellen Martin,Barrus, Emery-03,Barrus, Hulda Abigail Nickerson-02,Barrus, Jane Zeralda Baker
Bagley, Emanuel 1847-1908  
  P00752 Bailey, Charles Westlake 1843-1929  
  P00753 Bailey, Mary Hulda Barrus 1843-1926 1853
  P01281 Banks, Ann Holmes 1811-1877 1866
  P01282 Banks, John 1809-1876 1866
  P00754 Barber, Jesse    
  P01386 Barraclough, Ida Lee    
  P00021 Barrus, Benjamin Franklin, Sr 1838-1921 1853
  P00755 Barrus, Ellen Martin 1843-1914 1855
  P00022 Barrus, Emery 1809-1899 1853
  P00246 Barrus, Hulda Abigail Nickerson 1816-1872 1853
  P00573 Barrus, Jane Zeralda Baker 1839-1895 1848
    Barrus, Laura Doshane    
Barrus, Lovina Ann Steele
Barrus, Lovins Ann Steele-02
Barrus, Lovina Ann Steele 1844-1925 1851
  P01540   Barrus, Owen Henry 1853-1927  
Barrus, Ruel,Bates, Ann Elizabeth Brower,Bates, Cyrus Wakefield,Bates, Ormus Ephraim,Bates, Ormus Ephraim & Sarah Hymas,Bates, Orson Parley,Bates, Ruth,Bates, Sarah Hymas,Baum, Maria,Bell, Jane Brown & Daughters,Bell, Jane Brown,Bell, John,Bell, Sylvia Ann Clark
Barrus, Ruel 1822-1918 1853
  P00040 Bates, Ann Elizabeth Brower 1840-1895 1847
  P00414 Bates, Cyrus Wakefield 1827-1895 1862
  P00424 Bates, Ormus Ephraim 1815-1873 1851
  P00024 Bates, Ormus Ephraim & Sarah Hymas 1815-1873 1851
  P00025 Bates, Orson Parley 1836-1899 1851
  P00026 Bates, Ruth    
  P00430 Bates, Sarah Hymas 1841-1929 1862
  P00481 Baum, Maria 1840-1922 1850
  P00625 Bell, Jane Brown 1839-1936 1866
  P00623 Bell, Jane Brown & Daughters with names   x
  P00757 Bell, John 1862-1950 1866
  P01165 Bell, Sylvia Ann Clark   1853
  P01435 Bennion, Isabella Gillespie Martin Rowberry 1821-1893 1847
Bennion, John,Bennion, Mary Turpin-3rd wife of John Bennion-& Effie Cooper-niece she raised from babyhood,Bennion, Mary Turpin-3rd wife of John Bennion,Benson, Elizabeth Gollaher-01,Benson, Elizabeth Gollaher_1832-____,Benson, Elizabeth Gollaher-05,Benson, Ezra Taft_1811-1869-01
Bennion, John - son of John & Elizabeth Roberts Bennion 1816-1877 1848
  P00131 Bennion, Mary Turpin-3rd wife of John Bennion 1841-1914 1852
  P00539 Bennion, Mary Turpin-3rd wife of John Bennion & Effie Cooper, a niece she raised from babyhood 1841-1914 x
  P01115 Benson, Elizabeth Gollaher (3 pics) 1832-1904 1852
  P01116 Benson, Ezra Taft 1811-1869 1847
  P00164 Bevan, Annie Isgreen & Elkington, Agnes Isgreen   x
  P00231   Bevan, Isabell McPhearson 1837-1909 1859
  P00030   Bevan, James 1821-1894 1847
  P01071   Bevan, John Alexander 1878-1936 Not Pioneer
  P00758   Bevan, John Alexander 1851-1925 1851/2
  P00405   Bevan, Mary Shields 1827-1874 1851
  P00518   Bird, Charles 1803-1884 1850
  P00519   Bird, Eliza Jane Perry 1845-1900 1850
  P00517   Bird, Kelsey 1837-1909 1850
  P00503   Bird, Mary Jane Whitehead, wife of John Bird 1844-1879  
  P00152   Bithell, Agnes Hislop 1843-1911 1860
  P00032   Bithell, Samuel 1837-1909 1856
  P00483   Bithell, Samuel & Agnes Hislop   x
  P00033   Bithell, Thomas 1812-1883 1860
  P00031   Bithell, Thomas-possibly (young man on back of Bithel frame) 1844-1907 1860
  P01570   Blackham, unknown couple    
  P01130   Bone, Mary Ellen Carter 1835-1915 1861
  P01129   Bone, William Henry 1828-1900 1861
  P00759   Bonelli, Johann George 1827-1899 1860
  P00760   Boothe, Hyrum Ebenezer 1841-1905 1852
  P00761   Boothe, Sarah Ann Hunter 1844-1907 1847
  P01445   Bowen 11 Children (Older)   x
  P01448   Bowen 12 Grandchildren of Benjamin & Barbara   x
  P01447   Bowen 5 Sisters   x
  P01443   Bowen 50th Anniversary of Benjamin & Barbara_Family_1926_Large Group x
  P00648   Bowen 50th Wedding Anniversary_Benjamin, Barbara & Children   1926 x
  P00633   Bowen 6 Children (Older)   x
  P01444   Bowen Daughters_of Benjamin & Barbara   x
  P00634   Bowen Family 1925 1925 x
  P01455   Bowen Family Picture taken in Bowen Orchard   x
  P01446   Bowen Grandchildren of Benjamin & Barbara_taken summer 1915   x
  P00635   Bowen Ladies 1925 1925 x
  P00636   Bowen Men 1925 1925 x
  P00637   Bowen Sisters_3-Mary McKay, Martha Irvine, & Barbara Lulu   x
  P01002   Bowen Women in 1938 1938 x
  P00638   Bowen, 2 Sisters & Mother - Barbara-Betsy Lyman- Betsy Gowans   x
  P01449   Bowen, Baptism Bridges in Wales   x
  P00117   Bowen, Barbara Gowans - 11 different pics 1855-1942 1855
  P00639   Bowen, Barbara Gowans & dau-Betsy Ann Bowen Campbell-1937 1937 x
  P01451   Bowen, Barbara Gowans with unknown grandchildren   x
  P01450   Bowen, Barbara Gowans_& sons   x
  P00075   Bowen, Barbara Gowans_Emily Atkin Warburton Dodds_with Telegraph   x
  P01452   Bowen, Barbara holding Janice Johnson, & others   x
  P01454   Bowen, Benjamin & Barbara, Family Reunion_Summer 1939   x
  P00640   Bowen, Benjamin Harris & Grover McBride   x
  P00641   Bowen, Benjamin Harris & Wife-Etta Pearl Whitehouse 1885-1974 Not Pioneer
  P00561   Bowen, Benjamin Harris (2 pics at different ages) 1885-1974 Not Pioneer
  P00642   Bowen, Benjamin Lewis & Brigham Harris Bowen   x
  P00643   Bowen, Benjamin Lewis_4 different pictures 1852-1927 1863
  P00644   Bowen, Benjamin Lewis-Family 1902_Home in Newtown 1902 x
  P00762   Bowen, Brigham Harris 1853-1936 1863
  P01076   Bowen, Etta Pearl Whitehouse 1889-1975 Not Pioneer
  P01079   Bowen, Grace Carter 1881-1971 Not Pioneer
  P00423   Bowen, Hannah Johnson 1861-1945 Native
  P01162   Bowen, Hugh    
  P00763   Bowen, Jane Gillette Crosland Dew 1837-1920 1852
  P00415   Bowen, John 1841-1922 1862
  P00038   Bowen, Lewis (2 poses) 1815-1894 1863
  P00645   Bowen, Lewis Gowans & Grace Carter   x
  P00646   Bowen, Lewis Gowans (2 pics) 1880-1963 Not Pioneer
  P00647   Bowen, Lewis_Grand-daughters_All Cousins   x
  P01160   Bowen, Mary   1863
  P00140   Bowen, Mary Ann Harris 1813-1878 1863
  P00141   Bowen, Mary Ann Harris (closeup) 1813-1878 1863
  P01456   Bowen, Model of Ship, Enoch Train, on which David Bowen came to the USA x
  P01457   Bowen, Puddling Furnace showing the Puddler about to remove a ball of semi-molten iron x
  P01161   Bowen, Royal   x
  P00039   Broad, Ed_Dave Duncan   x
  P00764   Broad, Edwin 1837-1901 1850
  P00584   Brown, Caroline Chappell Woodward Nelson 1829-1908 1859
  P00765   Brown, Robert Thomas 1847-1922 1851
  P00766   Brown, Rosinna 1850-1932 1854
  P00041   Bryan, George A   1849
  P00042   Bryan, George Woodward 1827-1888 1849
  P00767   Bryan, Margaret Simpson 1850-1935 1866
  P00541   Buckmiller, Effie Atkin 1889-1960? Not Pioneer
  P00542   Bunn Siblings   x
  P00593   Bunn, Edith Lougy_from pictures of 4 girls 1897-1973 Not Pioneer
  P00543   Bunn, Emily Thompson 1834-1900  
  P00544   Bunn, Francis (Frank) Harry 1866-1936  
  P00545   Bunn, George 1828-1901  
  P00547   Bunn, Heber George 1859-1944