Camps in the
Tooele District DUP

Tooele County Company Tooele Valley Company
Tooele Grantsville Company
Barbara Bowen Camp: Adobe Rock-Lakepoint Camp:Inactive Deseret Camp:
Glenda Murray _____ 435-579-4654
775 Country Club - Stansbury
Karen Johnson  ___801-309-7907
Meeting day:
3rd Tuesday
2nd Tuesday
Member's home
Grantsville City Library
1:00 pm
1:00 p.m.
Sponsor: Norma Worwood ____435-830-5555    
Emma J. Atkin Camp: Benson Grist Mill Camp: Hilda A. Erickson Camp:
Diane Pankratz ______435-241-9328
355 S Fairlane - Tooele
Rona Bresnahan ____801-680-0906
Vickie Kluge_____ _801-557-5697
2nd Thursday
2nd  Monday
2nd Thursday
Speirs Farm
Marilyn Shields home
Grantsville Stake Cntr./Durfee St
1:00 pm
12:30 p.m.
10:00 a.m.
Sponsor: Gwen Roberts________435-496-3201    
Hannah England Camp: Helen Gillespie Shields Camp:
Willow Creek Camp:
Dorothy Bottema______435-830-9493
941 Southwest Dr - Tooele
 Joyce Zumwalt_____801-598-7383
Karen Watson _____801-831-5961
3rd Thursday
1st Tuesday
2nd Tuesday
Somerset Clubhouse
Member's home
Hale Street Building
1:00 pm
7:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m.
Sponsor: Dorothy Bottoma _____435-830-9493     
Little Mountain Camp: Rose Springs Camp:  
Evelyn Johnson_______435-830-4329
416 S 450 W - Tooele
Debbie Condie____435-882-1026
1st Thursday
3rd Thursday
Evelyn Johnson's home
Maryann Ure's home
7:00 pm
3:00 p.m.
Sponsor: Paula Thomas ________801-510-9837    
Millstream Camp: Stansbury Camp: Inactive  
Cleyone Nichols _____435-452-2246
805 Cambridge - Tooele
3rd Monday
Member's home
1:00 pm
Sponsor: Claudia Oldland ______435-265-2794    
Rush Valley Camp:    
Penny Thomas ______435-830-4266
PO Box 172 - Stockton
1st Wednesday
Stockton DUP Museum/City Hall
7:00 pm

Cindy Bolinder _______435-228-8799

Sand Lily Camp:    

Taunya Gay Stevens ___435-843-5883
705 N 310 E - Tooele

2nd Monday
Museum - Downstairs
1:00 pm
Sponsor: Marilyn Christiansen ___435-224-3948    
Settlement Creek Camp:    
Janet Pendergrass  _____801-647-6567
5320 Ponderosa - Stansbury
2nd Wednesday
Member's home
7:00 pm
Sponsor: Linda Orr __________435-830-1328    
Shambip Camp: Dissolved
Sheeprock Camp:
Patsy Holden _______435-839-3464
332 S Main - Vernon
3rd Thursday
At Church
  7:00 pm    
Helen Pehrson________435-839-3431

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